RZD Trading Company

Materials and Equipment

RZD Trade provides centralised supplies across the entire range of materials and equipment consumed by the railway industry. The company is in control of the entire supply chain, collecting requests from Russian Railways subsidiaries, organizing tenders among suppliers, following up with supply agreements and logistical processes, including the monitoring of shipments, cargo escorting, checking the fulfilment of supply schedules, submittal of primary accounting documents, tracing down the timeliness of settlements with contractors.

Сar furnishing division

  • All-rolled wheels
  • Wear resistance elements
  • Car bearings
  • Brake blocks
  • Medium-size car casting
  • Brake equipment
  • Сoveralls and personal protective equipment
  • Carriage-body conduit, etc.

Rolled stock division

  • High-strength wire
  • Track materials
  • Flat and calibrated stock
  • Sheet products
  • Long products
  • Pipes
  • Sleeper raw materials
  • Ballast
  • Non-ferrous metallurgy
  • Flux-cored wire and coating materials
  • Electrodes and welding materials
  • Cold-worked fittings, etc.

Material resources division

  • Spare parts for maintenance vehicles
  • Petroleum, oil and lubricants
  • Engine and diesel generator set
  • Cement
  • Sleeper raw materials
  • Ballast, etc.

Investment programmes division

  • Process equipment
  • Motor transport
  • Medical equipment
  • Construction and installation work, etc.