RZD Trading Company


RZD Trade has been part of Russian Railways for 20 years. As the industry and later the holding company underwent reforms, RZD Trade has transformed its business areas and competences due to Russian Railways relevant objectives.


The Industrial and Financial Group (IFG) Rosvagonmash was founded in 1995 at the initiative of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. The main lines of IFG Rosvagonmashs business activity were:
  • Deliveries of passenger rolling stock, assemblies and component parts thereto for the Ministry of Transport;
  • Joint effort with leading rolling stock manufacturers to launch the manufacture of new generation passenger cars complying with todays safety, speed and comfort requirements;

In 2005, IFG Rosvagonmash began deliveries of traction rolling stock and multiple units for the needs of Russian Railways.


In 2007, IFG Rosvagonmash was renamed as RZD Trading Company. Concurrently the company began diversifying its business. RZD Trade was appointed an authorised sales representative of Russian Railways in foreign markets and since 2009 began developing two new lines of business: the supply of materials and equipment to Russian Railways subsidiaries and centralized stockpiling of ferrous and nonferrous scrap across the board.

In 2016 RZD Trade went out of centralized stockpiling of scrap and focused on logistics support, rolling stock supply and sales of used and repaired spare parts.