RZD Trading Company

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External Operations

RZD Trade is the foreign trade representative of Russian Railways. The company procures materials and sophisticated equipment, having no domestic equivalents, abroad. As part of cooperation between Russian Railways and national rail operators of the «area 1520», RZD Trade supplies equipment and materials made in Russia.

Import of foreign ME

RZD Trade purchases foreign ME on orders from the technical services of Russian Railways and its subsidiaries in the following commodity groups:

  • Permanent way materials;
  • Spare parts etc. 

Export deliveries of ME made in Russia

RZD Trade supplies the following types of Russian ME to South-Caucasian Railways, Belarusian Railways, Ulan-Bator Railways, RasonConTrans JV and other companies:

  • Permanent way materials (rails, sleeper products, connecting screws, etc);
  • Fuels and lubricants (Buxol grease lubricant, diesel fuel, etc);
  • Rolling stock, spare parts for locomotives and passenger cars.