RZD Trading Company

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Logistics Support

RZD Trade is the key link in the system of centralised supply of a wide variety of materials and equipment for railway enterprises at uniform competitive prices.

The company’s key competences

  • Organizing the uninterrupted supply of high-quality ME to more than 40 Russian Railway’s subsidiaries for their timely fulfilment of production and investment programs.
  • Systematic monitoring of prices in the ME market and organizing competitive procurements for the supply of resources at minimum cost.
  • Using modern information technologies for automation and higher efficiency of logistical processes.
  • Effecting international technological cooperation on behalf of Russian Railways — import procurement and the delivery of domestic goods and services for the «area 1520» partners.

RZD Trade’s logistics department collects and processes requests from railway companies for 6,000 stock items of Russian- and foreign-made ME, conducts primary ME market analysis, arranges tendering procedures, signs contracts and monitors compliance with delivery dates.