RZD Trading Company

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RZD Trading Company

RZD Trade is the Russian Railway’s largest supply subdivision. The company provides Russian Railways with advanced and high-quality products for improved traffic efficiency and safety.

RZD Trade Business Areas

The goal of RZD Trade is maximum efficiency in trusted business areas, build-up of competences, improving the quality of services, optimising streamlining of all processes in the best interests of Russian Railways.

Rolling Stock Supply

  • RZD Trade supplies rolling stock under the corporate order of Russian Railways. The company cooperates with the largest Russian manufacturers of multiple-unit and freight rolling stock.

Logistics Support

  • RZD Trade supplies materials and equipment to a wide range of railway companies in Russia.

Recycling of rolling stock and sales of used and repaired spare parts

  • RZD Trade provides the recycling of rolling stock, secondhand and repaired materials within Russian Railways.

RZD Trade mission

Promotion of the national railway industry through the provision of quality services in logistics and merchandise transactions.